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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

We offer a variety of advanced dermatological treatments including platelet-rich plasma, which is usually referred to as PRP. It is a blood plasma that is super rich in platelets. This is accomplished by taking a small amount of your own blood and spinning it down, separating the various components. We are then able to use the platelets, which include a multitude of growth factors, for a variety of treatments. The technique is relatively new to cosmetic medicine, but it has been used in orthopedics for some time.

How it works

Platelet-rich plasma is an exceptionally safe treatment, because it utilizes growth hormones that actually come from your own body. Therefore, you do not need to worry about allergies or other reactions that may be associated with a foreign substance. It is often used in conjunction with a microneedling procedure or injected into the scalp for hair thinning or alopecia. Growth factors contained within the PRP interact with living cells stimulating rejuvenation. It can rejuvenate aged skin, and improve the appearance of acne scarring. When used on the scalp, it helps to stimulate new hair growth.

What to expect

PRP treatment is performed here in our comfortable office. We begin by drawing a small amount of your own blood, which is then placed in a specialized centrifuge. The procedure is virtually painless. Our skilled providers take great care in choosing the ideal treatment location, and the gentlest technique for a comfortable experience.
Once the blood sample has been processed, we will use the resulting PRP with the appropriate procedure. In most cases, we utilize a technique called microneedling, which temporarily opens microchannels in the skin allowing the formula to reach the optimal tissue depth. When PRP therapy is used for the treatment of alopecia or other types of hair loss, it may be injected into the scalp.
Platelet-rich plasma is not available at every dermatological office so it is important to work with a practice that has experience in working with this specialized treatment option.
Please contact Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine to learn more about this procedure, or to schedule a consultation.
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