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Three reasons to seek cosmetic surgeon services near Germantown, TN

Skin care is something that we may not think much about; that is, until we begin to notice changes in our skin that result from age, stress, sun damage, and more. Seeing changes they do not like, many people seek cosmetic surgeon services to address their concerns. Men and women in and near Germantown, TN can visit skin expert Dr. Salaam for personalized care.

Though dermatology services are sought for a great many reasons, there are three that stand out among our patients:
  1. Recapture more flawless skin. Time spent basking in the sun may feel great in the moment, but may lead to dark spots, rough texture, and more. At the Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine, patients can address sun damage and signs of aging on the face, neck, chest, and hands with treatment like chemical peels or light therapy. The results from personalized care include a healthy glow and smooth texture.
  2. Firmer, tighter skin. The effects of weight loss can be extremely gratifying. At the same time, there is also the potential to reach a goal weight and be left with drooping skin which lies over tightened muscles. Whether loose skin has occurred as a result of weight loss or is due to the natural aging process, Dr. Salaam helps patients regain confidence through skin tightening with innovative technologies such as radio frequency or ultrasound. Proven devices can safely banish fat cells and tighten skin in just a few months without incisions, injections, or recovery.
  3. Regain a more youthful aesthetic. In recent years, adults wanting to take control of their own aging process have been aided by the development of minimally invasive injectibles like Botox and various fillers. Though we cannot put a stop to aging, we can minimize its effects by reducing the appearance of fine lines, furrows, and wrinkles and restoring volume for improved facial contours.
The team at the Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine, led by Dr. Salaam, offers medical and cosmetic services to achieve healthier, more attractive skin. Whether you want to say goodbye to Crow's feet or you want to finally put teenage acne behind you by reducing the appearance of acne scars, we have solutions tailored to your skin. Contact us at 901-244-5688 for your consultation.

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