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Facebook Review - Jess G.
Dr. Salaam takes her time and thoroughly explains conditions, procedures and options to you. Her and her staff are very personable and professional. _______
Facebook Review - Veronica A.
Had Microneedle procedure done. Dr. Salaam was very professional with explaining everything to expect from this procedure. Also have a awesome staff, made you feel so comfortable! I highly recommend this Doctor. A great replacement for the retired Dr. Robert Jackson. _______
Facebook Review - Riviera L.
Amazing atmosphere, doctor, and staff! Very professional and knowledgeable! I would recommend to everyone, especially people of color. She educates the patient and gives recommendations based on the person. Also educates you on home care and diet. You will not regret this visit! _______

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Why should you visit a cosmetic surgeon in Germantown for a chemical peel?

With so many ways of improving your appearance within your reach, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest, easiest method of making yourself look better. However, many common cosmetic treatments, such as chemical peels, are complex treatments that require the expertise of a doctor in order to improve your skin safely. This is why you should visit an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Germantown for a consultation before you decide to get a chemical peel.

If you are of African, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic descent, you may have heard that chemical peels could have some unpleasant side effects on skin like yours. The truth is that a safe chemical peel must be carefully matched to each patient's unique skin, and not all doctors have the expertise to understand the particular needs of every skin type. Dr. Salaam specializes in providing dermatological care to patients with skin of color, making the treatments she provides safe for your skin because she can anticipate any possible side effects and adjust the treatment accordingly.

In the capable hands of Dr. Salaam, you don't have to worry about side effects and can simply look forward to the benefits of renewing your skin. Although a chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment, you may find that it could actually be beneficial to your skin in many ways. Dead, damaged skin cells can leave your face looking dull and this may make you look older or tired. A peel can help to remove these damaged layers of skin to uncover fresh, beautiful skin and give you a new start in taking better care your skin. Depending on the type of chemical peel you receive, you may find that your skin will not only feel better but will also have fewer noticeable blemishes and wrinkles and possibly even an improved complexion.

If you have been considering a cosmetic treatment such as a chemical peel, don't risk ruining your skin by turning to anyone other than a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Call Dr. Salaam's office today at 901-244-5688 to book a consultation and make sure you get the safest and best results for your skin.

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