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Botox® is an injectable prescription medication, which is used to soften perpetually contracted muscles. By relaxing the underlying muscle, it smooths out the skin, diminishing or eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Botox® is the number one requested nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in America, and in Germantown, TN, in particular. The popularity of Botox® is attributed to its superior effectiveness for treating fine lines and wrinkles. It may be used to smooth crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles in the face, lips, neck, décolleté, and other areas.

How Botox® works

Many of the facial wrinkles that develop as we age are caused by stiff muscles beneath the skin. This happens because nerve cells become conditioned to signal the muscles to contract, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. This is especially common around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.
Botox® works by blocking the signals from nerves and allowing the muscles to relax, thus smoothing out the wrinkles. When used properly, the injections block the nerve signals allowing the muscles to relax. The key to successful Botox® cosmetic treatment is precise injection into the muscles requiring the treatment, which is why it is important to choose a skilled provider.

Benefits of Botox®

  • Treatment with Botox® is fast, safe, and effective, with minimal downtime and recovery.
  • The results develop quickly, and look wonderful.
  • Botox® is a wonderful complimentary treatment for procedures such as dermal fillers, laser treatment, or microneedling.
  • Millions of delighted patients receive Botox® injections every year with great results and little to no side effects.
  • In addition to cosmetic treatment, Botox® can be used to treat excessive sweating, such as in the armpits.

What to expect

When you visit Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine, you will sit down with Dr. Salaam for a consultation, and an in-depth discussion of your goals and objectives. We then take photographs and perform an aesthetic analysis, and determine the best injection location to achieve your desired results. It may be used to shape or lift the brow, or smooth out wrinkles in the face, neck, or décolleté area. Results develop quickly, and last for several months. Your youthful new look can easily be maintained with simple touch-up treatments.
If you are considering Botox® treatment, contact Memphis Center for Aesthetic Medicine and schedule your appointment today.

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